Kearys Motor Group offers a pre-NCT service across its locations in Cork. The NCT is a mandatory vehicle inspection programme in Ireland that is dedicated to improving road safety and enhancing environmental protection by reducing harmful vehicle emissions. Our roadworthiness testers are solely dedicated and highly-trained to identify and remedy issues behind NCT failures.

The NCT test is required if a vehicle is over four years old, and the vehicle must pass the NCT every two years to be classified as roadworthy. When a vehicle is 10 years old or more, it needs to be tested every year. In 2022, over 1.3 million NCT tests were carried out in Ireland  and over 637,000 of those tests resulted in a fail. As a result, it is important to carry out a pre-inspection check at Kearys. 

Pre NCT service check at Kearys

Our pre-NCT service is available at Kearys Kinsale Road and Kearys of Cork with our team of roadworthiness testers on hand to test your vehicle to the highest standards. Our team can carry out a pre-NCT check that may identify issues that may be raised during the NCT test and which could result in a test failure.  While we cannot guarantee that your vehicle will pass the NCT test following the pre-NCT service check at Kearys due to differences in testing equipment and procedures, our pre-NCT check service will help you to identify and rectify any potential issues in advance of the test.

NCT car test service check Ireland

We recommend booking your pre-NCT check with Kearys at our branches in Cork and Kinsale Road. The test will take approximately one hour to complete, but we would advise you to check this with your Kearys Service representative on the day and they will be able to give you a full breakdown.

NCT car test check Ireland

Kearys Motor Group will inspect the primary failure components highlighted by the NCT, in addition to evaluating your vehicle for safety components not covered by the NCT, such as checking brake pad and disk depth against recommended manufacturer specifications. After the pre-NCT inspection and any required repairs, customers should feel more assured about their vehicle’s readiness and its likelihood to successfully pass the test.

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