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Don’t follow, lead the way.

Together, we can become more than what we are individually. You can become the best version of yourself that you’ve ever been. You lead the way. You face every incline and every turn with ease. Nothing can stop you, even off-road. What drives you: Your courage, your faith in yourself, and my powerful drive system. Together, we can set new standards and live out the #SpiritOfGS.

3 years' peace of mind
Ride on and on and on with a 3 year warranty.




No compromises; everything is tailored to your needs. How would you like to sit while you reach new personal heights? Higher? Lower? Single-seater? With a passenger? Do you prefer to ride with just the essentials or with a lot of luggage? Would you rather go on comfortable long-distance journeys or sporty off-road runs? The innovative modular frame concept can fulfil all of your desires. Tell me what the perfect touring enduro would be – you may well be right.

Believe in yourself

This unexpected levity: you have everything in hand. Of course you do, with only 237 kilograms* beneath you. Achieving lofty goals becomes surprisingly easy. You will have an unprecedented riding experience on all surfaces. On the road with stability and precision. Lean angle, braking, accelerating – you stay in full control. Discover the new-found levity of riding with the newly developed chassis, the new Monocoque rear frame, the new EVO Telelever and EVO Paralever, as well as the new DSA (Dynamic Suspension Adjustment) and innovative adaptive vehicle height control.



Ahead of you: Your next destination - well illuminated with the iconic LED matrix headlight. Behind you: Milestones. And the short Monocoque rear with excellent individualisation potential. There's no doubt about it: You are driving the top model of the range of great Adventure motorcycles. Explore the comprehensive standard equipment.

Reach the next level

Everything is designed with your needs in mind: next-level driving comfort. The innovative Telelever bearing offers excellent handling. The GS Flyline with an extra-flat tank seat line provides a new kind of freedom of movement, easy manoeuvring, and a relaxed posture. The broad range of ergonomical options helps riders with varying needs to conquer any terrain. Thanks to the environmental sensor system of the optional Riding Assistant, you can see everything at a glance.

Condensed to the essence of the GS spirit

Time for new adventures. Thanks to Keyless Ride, you can simply climb on and start riding. You get comfortable on the standard rider's seat with a variable seat height of 800 to 890 mm. You activate the turn indicator that is integrated into the hand protector and turn off towards freedom. With every metre you ride, it becomes clearer to you: You are sitting on something truly unique. That’s how simple it can be – true greatness doesn’t have to mean bigger. There are no superfluous parts, everything is condensed to encapsulate the essence of GS: the pure joy of riding.

There are no obstacles

When you’re on the road, it’s up to you. Your job: dream bigger. My job: provide enough drive to make anything possible. The powerful 145 hp engine and the low vehicle weight give you the power you need. You can feel the impressive character of the latest generation of boxer in every speed range. Experience outstanding performance and impressive control while running even more smoothly at lower speeds.

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