Lucy Kennedy Takes the Wheel of the All-New Renault Austral at Kearys Renault Belgard

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Renowned television personality Lucy Kennedy has taken the wheel of the all new Renault Austral at Kearys Renault Belgard. As a Kearys' brand ambassador, Lucy recently picked up her new car - a thrilling partnership between a beloved TV personality and one of the most innovative vehicles on the market.

Brian Downes, the Head of Business at Kearys Renault and Dacia Belgard, handed over the keys to Lucy. We want to wish Lucy safe and enjoyable travels. Her experiences and reviews are highly anticipated, as the Austral has been receiving enthusiastic praise and gaining popularity rapidly.

The Renault Austral is a game-changer in the world of compact SUVs. Known for its sleek design, advanced features, and impressive performance, it has garnered rave reviews from both automotive experts and everyday drivers. Its combination of style, safety, and affordability has made it a standout choice in the Renault lineup.

If you've been curious about the Renault Austral, now is the perfect time to explore its impressive features and performance for yourself. With Lucy Kennedy leading the way, you can expect a firsthand account of the Austral's capabilities and appeal.

Visit Kearys Renault Belgard and take the Renault Austral for a test drive. Discover why it's capturing the hearts of drivers across the country and experience the thrill of driving this exceptional compact SUV.