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Thank you to everyone who attended our Dacia 10 year celebration event on Thursday 25th May! We had a full house with current Kearys Dacia customers. It was great to reflect to see the evolution of the brand over the last 10 years, with a presentation by Jeremy Warnock, Dacia Group Product Supply and Distribution Manager. We had a range of new and used Dacia cars on display in the showroom to bring that evolution to life. Shane Cawley was present, Sales Manager in Kearys Dacia Midleton who sold the first Dacia in Ireland all those years ago!

Dacia Evolution in Ireland:

Increased Model Range: Over the years, Dacia expanded its model range in Ireland. Initially, the brand introduced the Duster, a compact SUV, which received positive reviews for its ruggedness and affordability. Subsequently, Dacia introduced other models like the Sandero (a hatchback) and the Logan (a compact family car). These additional options allowed Dacia to cater to a broader customer base and increased its market presence.

Growing Market Share: Dacia gained a significant market share in Ireland since its launch. The brand's affordable pricing and low running costs appealed to cost-conscious consumers. Dacia's competitive pricing strategy helped it position itself as a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive brands, leading to increased sales and market penetration.

Improved Quality and Features: In recent years, Dacia has focused on improving the quality of its vehicles while maintaining their affordability. The brand has made efforts to enhance the fit and finish of its cars and incorporate more modern features and technologies. Dacia recently rebranded and this has taken the brand to the next level, with fantastic feedback from the public.

Enhanced Dealership Network: Dacia has worked on expanding its dealership network across Ireland. This expansion allows customers to access Dacia vehicles more conveniently and receive better aftersales support. Dacia is available at Kearys Kinsale Road, Co. Cork, Belgard. Co. Dublin and Dacia in Midleton, Co. Cork.

Sustainability Initiatives: Like many automotive brands, Dacia has recognized the growing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles. In response, the brand has started to introduce hybrid and electric models to its lineup. This move aligns with Ireland's increasing focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation options.