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Renault Kangoo Z.E.

With a sleek, stylish design and everyday practicality, the Renault Kangoo Z.E. will perfectly cater to your business needs.


Practical, compact and ideal for inner-city driving, it’s no wonder the Renault Kangoo is a one of the most popular vans from this marque. Available in two body lengths – Standard and Maxi – as well as various specs including Business and Business+, this ride is highly customisable. While the Standard van has a three-cubic-metre load capacity, the Maxi has a four-cubic-metre load capacity.

Available from €30,005 *

New KANGOO Z.E. ML20 Z.E. 33 Business

The different charging solutions

Charging your KANGOO Z.E. takes between 6 and 11 hours depending on charge point type. Renault Ireland recommends a 7kW charge point to avail of 6 hour charging. Please discuss your options with your charge point installer. The wall-box offers:

  • Optimised charging time with charging power of 3.7kW or more if your home electrical system permits.
  • Management of charging costs since you can schedule battery charging to take advantage of the lowest rates (available with the My Z.E. interactive services app.)
  • Simply plug in the charging cable supplied as standard with your vehicle. This cable can also be plugged into standard public charging stations.

* Z.E. Ready is a trademark registered by Renault for the installation of equipment to charge electric vehicles in the Z.E. range. To have the right to use the Z.E. Ready trademark, Renault's partners must commit to a list of technical specifications and the Z.E. Ready qualification process. They must also have conducted compliance tests. The current version is Z.E. Ready 1.2. For more information on standards, the list of approved partners and details of the qualification process, see

Renault KANGOO E-TECH ELECTRIC Your Next Steps

The charging flap

The flap for charging your Kangoo Z.E is under the logo on the grille.​

Public charging points

A standard charging station, on the street or in a car park for example, will take between 6 and 11 hours (depending on the power available) to fully charge your Kangoo Z.E.

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    100% LCV Kangoo Z.E. is a partner tailored to your business needs.
    100% Electric Kangoo Z.E. delivers all the benefits of electric mobility. code: bf92d4d1c6982386a4b793b7f30406120c2d5695|113169|1