Renault TWIZY

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Renault TWIZY Introducing the Renault TWIZY

Renault TWIZY

As a compact, 100% electric vehicle with unique styling and a cutting edge technology, the Renault TWIZY is a real catch.


Unlike any other vehicle on the market, the TWIZY is an ultra-compact, futuristic vehicle with unshakable confidence. Instantly recognisable, it boasts a lightweight steel frame and four small wheels making it ultra-nimble around town. There are no doors as standard and, with room for one passenger sitting directly behind the driver, this is a ride for those looking to make a statement. 

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If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, the TWIZY is ideal offering an electric motor which produces zero emissions from a lithium ion battery and has a 80-mile range. The battery can be easily charged at home, and the TWIZY reaches top speeds of 80km/h and is great inner city companion.

​Technology & safety

The TWIZY has speakers throughout the cabin which work perfectly with the available Bluetooth hands-free kit for on-road entertainment. Safety features include an airbag for the driver, a lockable steering column, and adjustable headrests. 

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Contact the Kearys Renault team today to find out more about this futuristic ride. We’ve dealerships in Cork and Midleton.

Performance Produces zero emissions
Speed Reaches top speeds of 80kph
Safety Lockable steering column