Kearys Renault ZOE Runway Event

Kearys Renault are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase Ireland's most affordable long-range electric vehicle, the all new Renault ZOE. Alongside the innovative tech, comfort and first-rate performance expected from Renault vehicles, the Renault ZOE stands out for its incredible day-to-day savings, meaning less spend on your car and more in your pocket.

A Renault ZOE driver doing average mileage will save over €1,000 a year on fuel alone - a fraction of the cost of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines. There's also a 50% saving on tolls for electric vehicle drivers. What you save on our car, you keep for yourself - Simple. Furthermore, fewer moving parts means significantly less in servicing costs, not to mention the 5 years warranty and roadside assistance, along with an 8-year battery warranty.

With an increased range of 394km from a single charge, the Renault ZOE is perfectly equipped to comfortably handle most drivers' day to day requirements.

That's not all - A €600 SEAI grant towards a home charging station will allow you to start every morning with 100% charge. Renault ZOE is the only electric vehicle that charges rapidly at over 1,200 AC charging points in Ireland, giving you unparalleled flexibility on longer journeys.

For 201, Kearys Renault is supporting the national carbon action plan, by offering customers guaranteed savings of €3,500 on All-New ZOE with the new Renault Carbon Rewards offer:

The Renault Carbon Rewards savings are based on:

  • €1,000 Carbon Cashback
  • 2.01% APR from Renault Bank (saving customers €2,500 on interest payments compared to high street banks)

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