Unveiled 18 02 21

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All-new Nissan Qashqai – now electrified – breaks cover

18th February 2021: Nissan has reinvented the crossover segment that it created in 2007 with the unveiling of the all-new Nissan Qashqai which has been electrified to help families to make the switch to hybrid and electric driving.

The launch of the all-new, third generation Qashqai is a game-changer for Irish families who want to drive electric and to reduce their CO2 emissions while enjoying the comforts and familiarity of Ireland’s best-selling crossover.

50,000 Irish motorists drive a Nissan Qashqai and Nissan has sold over 3 million units of the car in Europe since its launch 13 years ago. The all-new Qashqai is a key part of the company’s strategy to achieve 50% electrified sales in Europe by 2024.

“The new Nissan Qashqai combines the best of Nissan’s pioneering crossover and EV expertise. It allows new and existing Qashqai drivers to experience hybrid and electric driving without range or charging concerns in an unmistakably stylish crossover that continues to deliver everything they would expect from a family car,” said Seamus Morgan, Managing Director of Nissan Ireland.

The new Nissan Qashqai will not only be available with a 1.3 DiG-T petrol engine equipped with mild hybrid technology, but it also represents the European debut of e-POWER, Nissan’s innovative and award winning powertrain, that draws technologies from the company’s 100% electric Nissan LEAF.

The 12V mild hybrid system available on new Qashqai is a more affordable hybrid technology that provides torque assist, extended idle stop, quick restart and coasting stop [Xtronic only], with improvements to both fuel economy and CO2 output (-4g/km). It’s mated to the refined 1.3 Dig-T petrol engine that was introduced to Qashqai in 2018.

The 1.3-petrol motor will be offered with two power outputs – 138hp and 156hp – with either a 6-speed manual transmission, or new Xtronic gearbox (156hp only). Max engine power arrives at 5500rpm, with maximum available torque of 270Nm at a convenient 1750rpm on 156hp Xtronic and high power MT variants.

On manual versions the gearbox has been enhanced for a quicker, more direct and sportier shift feeling. The new generation Xtronic transmission offers better fuel economy and acceleration feel thanks to improvements including a twin oil pump system with new electrical oil pump.

2WD is available on both 138hp and 156hp versions, whilst 4WD will only be available on 156hp Xtronic models. A new 4WD control system and driving selection mode is more intuitive and intelligent, adapting itself to external conditions with five driving modes – Standard, ECO, Sport, Snow and Off-Road. In case of any wheel slip, the time which the 4WD system acts has been reduced by a factor of five to around 0.2 seconds.