MINI Countryman SE

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MINI Countryman SE Introducing the MINI Countryman SE

MINI Countryman SE​

MINI Plug-In Hybrid. Have A Power Trip.

Embrace the extraordinary. The new MINI Countryman Plug-in-Hybrid harnesses the power of electricity to create a thrilling, yet sustainable, driving experience. With its thoughtful design and precision engineering, it challenges everything you thought you knew about hybrid driving. Striking the perfect balance between power and efficiency, you reap the best benefits of both drives.

The new MINI Countryman Plug-in-Hybrid’s latest-generation battery has an increased capacity of 10.0 kWh – which will take you up to 57 km in pure electric mode. That means you can reduce your day-to-day running costs. Not only that, your car tax will be signifcantly lower and you won't have to any  pay congestion charges in the cities they are levied. And the perfect all-rounder for town and country gives you the purely electric option – means locally, you enjoy emissions-free mobility.



By blending distinctive, rugged good looks and masculine proportions with an adventurous spirit, we have created an all-rounder whose natural habitat is both the contemporary city street and country road. It is available in 9 different colours and offset by subtle electric accents. Why not design yours now? Colours. Wheels. And other exterior options, too. Such as the contrast roof, bonnet stripes or mirror caps.

​Power Trip

Zap to work electrically and escape the city on the weekends - courtesy of our all-new plug-in hybrid engine. With an electric range of up to 57 km and a total range of up to 500 km, there’s no limit to where the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 can take you. About as good as the 6.8 seconds it takes to hit 100 km/h, we reckon. Sustainable driving just got fun.

Effortless Charging

The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is powered by a high-tech lithium-ion battery. Kept at its optimum operating temperature by an advanced cooling system, the battery excels in output and service life. You can recharge the battery using a conventional 230-volt/110-volt household socket or a dedicated electric car charge point. You’ll find the charging port behind a flap on the front left side scuttle. An LED light ring on the charging port is charging up and indicates the different phases of the charging process.


What are you going to pack into your weekend? The robust and ruggedly handsome MINI  will always attract a good crowd. Good thing it’s big enough to fit one in – with more than enough legroom, headroom and elbow room for your backseat passengers, too. 


The generous boot space gives you ample space for your plans. And when the rear seats are folded into the 40/20/40 configuration, the new MINI Countryman Plug-in-Hybrid can accomodate cargo that's long, tall, wide or bulky.

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Design Large boot space
E-Instrument Keep track of all things electric
Infotainment 6.5'' screen with bluetooth & USB capabilities