MINI 3 Door Hatch Cooper SE

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MINI 3 Door Hatch Cooper SE Introducing the MINI 3 Door Hatch Cooper SE

MINI Electric

Ready to go greener? Discover the new MINI Electric – a model that offers superb eco-friendliness without compromising performance.


Taking its cues from the original MINI and adding futuristic touches, the MINI Electric leaves you in no doubt that it’s something unique. Redesigned headlights, coloured accents and a closed front grille mark this model out as an all-electric runner – and a contemporary automotive innovation. The cabin feels familiar, with space to seat four in comfort and the classically styled cockpit making drivers feel instantly at home.


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The MINI Electric fully embraces zero-emissions power, running purely on battery power. The placement of the batteries lowers its centre of gravity, making handling even more dynamic than on its conventional fuel counterparts, which extensive cold weather testing has ensured it achieves impressive efficiency in all conditions.

​Technology & safety

With cutting-edge technology providing the new MINI Electric’s power, it’s not surprising that the cabin is full of the latest kit too. There’s a stereo and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a host of options for tech lovers and those who want enhanced comfort. Safety comes in the form of a high-strength body structure, ABS and stability control. 

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To register your interest for the new MINI Electric, which will be available in 2019, contact Kearys Motor Group today.

Performance Zero-emissions power
Technology Advanced stereo
Safety High-strength body structure