Hyundai IONIQ Electric

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Hyundai Ioniq Electric Electric Awaits

All-New Hyundai IONIQ Electric

The new all-electric IONIQ, now comes with a fresh style, more power, further range, and a bigger battery. The bigger battery offers a 30% increase in range now up to 311km.

To go with the increase in performance Hyundai have fresh new design elements with a redesigned a new front grille, in addition fresh alloys and a new design for the front & rear lights.

Available from €32,249

Fast Charging. Long driving.

Never stop for petrol again. Producing zero tailpipe emissions while providing a thrilling driving experience, the new IONIQ Electric gives you an all-electric driving range of 312 km on a single charge.* And what’s more, its powerful new lithium-ion polymer battery needs less than an hour to charge to 80% state of charge when using a 100 kW direct current (DC) fast-charger station. Electric awaits. Next awaits.

*Range according to WLTP cycle. Driving range may vary slightly depending on road conditions, your driving style and the temperature.

Paddle shifters for regenerative braking.

You can easily maximise your range and maintain a healthy state of charge by adjusting the level of regenerative braking with the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Four levels can be selected: each with a different level of deceleration and charging strength. Pull the left paddle shifter and hold to activate maximum strength regenerative braking. It is possible to stop the car in this way without using the conventional brake pedal, depending on the driving situation. Charging strength is the strongest in this mode.

Spacious and sophisticated interior.

The new IONIQ Electric's reimagined interior design is clean and uncluttered - and packed with new features. Enjoy the practicality of a 5-seat sedan that gives you a level of comfort and connectivity that is without compromise. The interior has been created using a range of eco-friendly plastics and natural materials, including organic sugar cane and volcanic stone.

10.25 inch touch screen.

Offering more than the standard suite of smartphone connectivity features, the touchscreen AVN’s capabilities have been expanded to allow the extra-large screen to be split to display the navigation map on one section while performing different duties on the other section.

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The Hyundai IONIQ Electric offers anxiety free true zero-emissions electric driving. While providing a thrilling dirivng experience, the new large capacity battery offers an all-electric driving range of 312km on a single charge (WLTP). Charge 80% in less than an hour using a fast-charger station.

​Technology & safety

The IONIQ Electric offers more than the standard suite of smartphone connectivity features, including a 10.25 inch touch screen for split screen information. Built to provide all users with the latest safety technology & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These include Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) & Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).

​Hyundai SmartSense.

With Hyundai SmartSense, our cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, the new IONIQ Electric offers the latest active safety technology - built to provide you with more safety and peace of mind.

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)

LKA keeps the car centered within the lane markers using a front view camera. Should the vehicle drift out of its intended lane path, LKA sets off a visual and sound alarm and automatically corrects the steering angle thereby preventing unintentional lane departure.​

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Front view camera and front radar work in tandem to warn of an imminent collision with another vehicle or pedestrian and if necessary, AEB will automatically apply emergency braking to prevent a collision.

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Clever & Convenient 10.25 inch touch screen offering more connectivity
Statement making Enriched with a range of new design elements
Never stop for petrol again. Charge 80% in less than an hour using a fast-charger station.