How Kearys Hyundai can help you Go Electric NOW!

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future for all personal cars & commercial vehicles. As well as zero carbon emissions, EVs claim so many advantages for cleaner greener driving …. and the IONIQ and KONA are so much fun to drive too!

Although the Government grant for businesses buying an EV is no longer available, Kearys Hyundai has a fantastic range of EVs and we can now offer you this exclusive deal:

  • No BIK - 0%
  • Low Running Costs - Fuel savings of up to €1,800 per year.
  • Far less maintenance
  • 20% of VAT Reclaimable
  • No BIK On Electricity If Charged at Work
  • €600 Grant for a Home Charger
  • Only €120 Annual Road Tax
  • Up to 75% Discount on Tolls
  • Battery Warranty: 8 years/160,000kms
  • Vehicle Warranty: 5 Years Unlimited Mileage
  • WLPT Range of 484km KONA Electric & 312km IONIQ Electric
  • Up to €5000 scrappage
  • Up to €6000 savings
  • 7 Days sale or return policy

For a limited time only, Kearys Hyundai are also offering:

Free Home Charger + 3.9% APR

What are you waiting for? The Future Is Electric!

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Fuel saving up to €1,800 per annum - The average diesel price in Ireland is €1.36 per litre. The average diesel car will return 5.5l/100km. The fuel saving on the average diesel car doing 24,000kms would therefore be €1,795 pa.

Toll saving up to €500 for private vehicles per annum - Tolls Saving: On the M50, fully electric cars will be able to avail of 50% toll prices during peak traffic hours and there will be a 25% toll prices during off-peak hours. (Maximum annual cap on the discount rates of €500 for private car owners and €1,000 for commercial vehicles. Commuters using the M50 twice daily, 5 days a week, for 48 weeks a year can accumulate just over €1,000 worth of tolls annually.)