There are a number of ways to charge your electric car. At home where an overnight full charge can cost as little as €3 or out and about at the various networks available on garage forecourts, car parks, shopping centres and on street across Ireland.

Charging times and cost can vary depending on the type of battery and charger used. Standard chargers can charge your car in 1 - 9 hours again depending on battery and car type


1,100 ESB Charge Points

The ESB operates over 1,100 electric car charge points across Ireland currently and this number is growing every month. Click the button button below to see the map. From there you can filter the map by the type of chargers available like combo CCS, Type 2, AC43 and CHADeMO.

You can also download the ecar connect app from the Apple store and Google play store to help you locate your nearest charger.


In addition to these charge points there is new power point providers entering the market which is increase both the number of chargers and the level of coverage they provide across the country.


Making the switch from fossil fuels to an all electric power car is one that takes consideration. That makes sense as you weigh up all the factors such as charging, emissions, road tax and fuel costs. All the while remembering as well as being sustainable, Electric Vehicles are cleaner, cheaper to run and great fun to drive!

But is an electric car or electric vehicle for me you might ask. This will change person to person and is very dependant on their individual needs and driving circumstance. For example if you travel long distances on the motorway an EV might not be for you just yet but equally if you travel in a suburban/ city area from home to work and back daily you can find yourself saving money weekly. 

Our manufacturers have invested seriously in research and development and we at Kearys are very excited about our new models for 2020, with larger battery capacity and greater range, which will go a long way to reducing anxiety.

We recommend home charging and are able to advise on the best suppliers and installers in your area. Grants are available from the government to assist with getting a home charger installed and there is an ever growing presence of public chargers becoming available.

So why not contact Kearys for a test drive and we’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have.