Kearys Electric Cars

Introducing Kearys Go Electric

We are now offering a wide selection of electric vehicles to our customers to ensure that you can drive the technology of the future, no matter what your preference. Whether it be for environmental, financial or technological reason that you are interested in making the big switch check out the video to see why you should drive forward with Kearys Go Electric.

The All-New Renault ZOE Z.E. 50

The new Renault ZOE boasts a new 52kWh battery, which increases the range up to 395km meaning you can go further and charge faster. In addition it produces greater performance up to 135bhp. On the interior the completely revamped with new technology, soft touch plastics and sustainable materials enhancing quality, comfort and easy living.

Could it help convert you into an electric driver?

Brendan O’Sullivan (47) clearly has a great nose for a deal and an even sharper eye on how to manage costs as he travels to client meetings the length and breadth of the country. Not only saving costs this couple have decided to go electric to help save our environment. See why you should choose the Nissan Leaf.

Electric Cars, Vans and Hybrids

Welcome to Kearys Go Electric, leading the charge in Cork. The future awaits. We are proud to present and supply Ireland's market leading Electric car, van and hybrid makes and models. Manufacturers such as Renault, Hyundai, Nissan, BMW and MINI.

If an SUV is what you're after then brands like Hyundai are offering the best of all worlds. Models like Cork and Ireland's the best selling electric car, the new Hyundai Kona electric SUV sporting an impressive 411 kms driving range will take you wherever you want go whenever you decide.

Prefer a saloon ? The stunning new Hyundai ioniq with its larger battery capacity will cover over 300 kms on a single charge and there is plenty or room in the back for the family. Then there is our other best seller in the form of the Nissan leaf. The hugely popular and very roomy leaf comes with a couple of battery options and delivers a driving range of 260+ kms.

City driver ? The new Renault ZOE Z.E 50 will take on the city and the country with it 395 km driving range. It is also an absolute joy to drive and with 135 bhp it will leave you smiling every time.

Our BMW i3is another small car but with a significant presence. The i3 like all of our electric cars is packed full of the latest technology and delivers a 260 kms driving range.

The newly launched MINI Cooper S E will get your pulse racing with it 185 bhp and instant torque and 232 kms driving range. As well as the obvious savings and benefits. Going green has never been so fun.

If you have any questions about electric cars, please just get in touch and our specialists would be delighted to answer them.