Travel Pack

The Travel Pack 320 includes roof bars and either a 320 or 420 litre roof box to provide easy-to-access additional storage for those bigger journeys.

Roof rails required

Roof Bar Set.

The roof bars are specially designed to securely attach to the roof rails, be easy to mount and they fulfil the highest quality and safety requirements. They can be used with all BMW roof based systems including the 320 litre roof box.

Roof Box 320 Litres.

The modern, lockable BMW Roof Box creates additional storage of 320 litres. The generously sized box is easy to mount on the roof rack and can be opened from both sides. To project against theft, both sides also feature a triple locking mechanism. It is suitable for a load capacity of up to 50kg, depending on the vehicle load, and fulfils the high BMW safety standards in terms of crash response, operational safety and long-term performance.

Bars and 320 litre box from €758 inc VAT.

Bars and 420 litre box from €930 inc VAT.

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