BMW 3 Series

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BMW 3 Series Introducing the BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series

For over 40 years, the BMW 3 Series has not only been the benchmark for the Sport Saloon segment, but has also represented all of the qualities and ideals that BMW stands for. Having just unveiled its sixth iteration for 2019, the 3 Series philosophy remains very much alive and well.


Throughout every generation of the 3 Series and 3 Series Touring, the BMW design DNA has been retained and refined. Present on every model are the distinctive kidney grille and Hofmeister kink C-Pillar, while more recent generations have added LED lights that connect to the grille and sharp body creases that bring the 3 Series into the modern era. Inside, the cabin offers absolute driver-focus, premium quality and a luxury experience.

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BMW 3 Series Profile
BMW 3 Series Exterior


Ensuring that there is a 3 Series to suit all requirements, BMW offers frugal but punchy four-cylinder diesel and petrol models, alongside thrilling, high performance six-cylinder models. It comes with your choice of manual or automatic gearbox with Steptronic gear select, while certain models are available with BMW’s all-wheel drive xDrive system. The 3 Series also retains its near perfect 50/50 weight distribution for supreme handling and stability.

​Technology & Safety

All BMW 3 Series models come packed with connectivity features, smartphone integration and high levels of safety equipment. Intuitive traction control and enhanced braking systems maintain the highest level of control possible in all conditions. 

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Design LED Lights
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