BMW S 1000 R

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BMW S 1000 R Introducing the BMW S 1000 R

BMW S 1000 R 

Speed purists have found their ultimate machine. The new BMW S 1000 R gives you everything you’ve ever dreamed of: a stripped-back riding experience that prioritises power and extraordinary handling, and leaves astonishment in its wake. 


The design of the S 1000 R makes it clear that power is of the essence. Its dramatic downward angle, trimmed-back lines and streaks of accelerating colour are all aimed at creating a sense of supreme speed, while its newly redesigned front lowers air resistance. This is a naked roadster that means business.

​BMW S 1000 R Side View
​BMW S 1000 R Profile


The essence of the S 1000 R could be in its statistics: a breath-catching 165hp and the sheer thrust of 114Nm of torque at 9,250 rpm. However, that’s only half the story. Handling the power of the liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine is intuitive, making the ride feel like the next step in human evolution.


Even with its minimalist aesthetic, the S 1000 R features advanced technology for peak performance. It boasts throttle-by-wire and the BMW Gear Shift Assist Pro for the greatest ease when putting it through its paces. 

​BMW S 1000 R Braking
​BMW S 1000 R Gear Shift Assist

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Engine Four cylinder four-stroke engine 165BHP @ 11,000 RPM
Seat height 814 mm
ASC Automatic stability control on-board as standard