BMW R 1250 RT

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BMW R 1250 RT Introducing the BMW R 1250 RT

BMW R 1250 RT 

The 2019 version of the BMW R 1250 RT will set your pulse racing the second you hear its engine roar. It combines the vintage thrill of two-cylinder engines with the latest technology to create the ultimate ride of the future.


The R 1250 RT’s update has taken expectations and exceeded them by light years. Its flat-box twin-cylinder engine retains the classic look that has endeared it to 25 years of touring bikers, but a redesigned front spoiler, LED headlamps and a 6.5-inch full colour Bluetooth-connected screen bring its style firmly into the 21st century.


BMW’s ShiftCam technology, which creates increased power and smoother shifts, has redefined the possibilities of the R 1250 RT’s engine. It now has 1,254cc, 134hp at 7,750rpm and 143Nm of torque at its maximum 6,250 rpm. You’re riding a moment in machine evolution.


Let the features of the BMW R 1250 RT burn away your cynicism: its knock sensor system, two standard riding modes, Dynamic ESA suspension, asynchronous valve opening and performance-redesigned exhaust system make it a new champion in its field. 

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Technology High resolution Multi-function display
Windscreen Electrically adjustable windscreen
Braking ABS Pro with Dynamic Brake Light