BMW K 1600 GT

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BMW K 1600 GT Introducing the BMW K 1600 GT

​BMW K 1600 GT 

The BMW K 1600 GT was updated in 2017 and remains at the peak of the market for a cutting-edge touring experience. With its majestic 1649cc engine and highly sophisticated driving systems, it’s a motorcycle that will leave you breathless.


The K 1600 GT’s updated body, which can come in one of four colours, includes larger air vents to improve aerodynamics and driver comfort, and a smoother shape around your legs that creates the sensation of effortless movement. 

BMW K 1600 GT Profile
BMW K 1600 GT Headlights


Eat up the roads with the K 1600 GT’s 4-stroke inline six-cylinder engine, with its maximum of 160hp at 7,750rpm and 175Nm of torque. Its combination of superior speed and sensitive handling means this is an engine that will redefine your concept of the sporting ride. 


The new K 1600 GT boasts BMW’s innovative Dynamic ESA damping system and Shift Assistant Pro to make gear changes a breeze. The motorcycle is also the most tech-friendly of its kind, with inbuilt phone chargers and an Intelligent Emergency Call system capable of detecting an accident and automatically contacting the authorities.

BMW K 1600 GT Brakes
BMW K 1600 GT Slipstream Deflector

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First-class six-pack. six-cylinder in-line engine
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