BMW HP4 Race

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BMW HP4 Race Introducing the BMW HP4 Race

BMW HP4 Race 

The HP4 Race is a rare animal. Only 750 were made, and its magnificent lines and incredible performance qualify it as one of the best racing bikes ever produced — if you’re brave enough to handle it. 


It’s the carbon fibre that defines the HP4 Race. It has carbon wheels and the first mass-produced full carbon frame, and weighs in at a ludicrously light 171kg when it’s fuelled. It’s a machine engineered for private thrills rather than day-to-day rides: titanium bolts, aluminium fuel tank and minimal seating mean that it’s virtually lighter than air. 

BMW HP4 Race Profile
BMW HP4 Race Front View


Prepare for the ride of a lifetime: the HP4 Race engine combines the Endurance World Championship and World Superbike spec engines for a colossal amount of power. Think 215hp at 13,900rpm and 120Nm at 10,000rpm, with a maximum rotational speed of 14,500rpm. Its power-to-weight ratio, meanwhile, puts it in the ranks of the immortals of racing.


Brembo GP4 PR brakes provide phenomenal handling and control for riders, but the HP4 Race is stripped down of bells and whistles. It’s a purist’s bike, built solely for speed. 

BMW HP4 Race Display
BMW HP4 Race Speed

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For more information or to book a test ride of the new BMW HP4 Race, contact us today at Kearys Motor Group in Cork.

Brakes Top level Brake performance
Carbon wheels Carbon Fibre Rims
Titanium screws A dry weight of 146 kilos