BMW G 310 R

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BMW G 310 R Introducing the BMW G 310 R

BMW G 310 R 

The offspring of the S 1000 R, the new BMW G 310 R is custom-built for city riding, and its pedigree is clear. Dynamic and exciting, this is a motorcycle for even the most discerning urban rider.


The distinctive look of the G 310 R starts with the aluminium swing arm and proceeds over the tilted cylinders, all the way to the motorsport-inspired shape of the bike’s rear. You’ll make an impression with its gold fork and three customisable colours: Pearl White, Cosmic Black and the racing colours red, white and blue.

​BMW G 310 R Side View
​BMW G 310 R Profile


The new G 310 R can take on a morning commute or the open road. Its roadster 313cc one-cylinder four-stroke engine can open up to 34hp and has maximum tightening torque of 28Nm at 7,500rpm. Meanwhile its light weight gives you peak manoeuvrability and control.


A stripped-back bike for city slickers, the G 310 R nevertheless benefits from premium BMW technology, like ABS, which prevents braking lock, and adjustable seat height to fit every potential rider. The system prioritises responsiveness and fluid movement; you’ll feel the machine is an extension of yourself. 

​BMW G 310 R Paint
​BMW G 310 R Seat

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Engine four-stroke single-cylinder
Weight less than 160 kg
Braking Powerful brake system and standard ABS.