BMW F 750 GS

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BMW F 750 GS Introducing the BMW F 750 GS

BMW F 750 GS

The horizon is calling, and it’s never been easier to answer. The new BMW F 750 GS, with its distinctive GS lines and updated 21st century connectivity, combines rugged adventure with the best of the future, to make your ride as daring as you are.


The new F 750 GS has typical GS features, but not as you know them. Sleek paint options include Light White, Austin Yellow Metallic and Stereo Metallic Matt to match your lifestyle, while new LED headlamps and rear lights update the classic flylines and make sure you always see the challenges ahead.

BMW F 750 GS Side View
BMW F 750 GS Front Profile


Feel the thrill of the water-cooled, two-cylinder engine that defines the F 750 GS. It can carry you anywhere, with 77hp at 7,500rpm and maximum torque of 83Nm at 6,000rpm to give you the power you need.


The wilds have never been closer to civilisation with the BMW F 750 GS’s features, including automatic stability control and a braking system that gives greater control than ever before. The 6.5 inch TFT-display with Bluetooth connectivity keeps you up to date with the urban world even as you conquer uncharted plains.

BMW F 750 GS Speedometer
BMW F 750 GS TFT Display

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Maximum speed 190 km/h
tank volume 15 l
Capacity 853 cc