BMW C 400 X

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BMW C 400 X Introducing the BMW C 400 X

BMW C 400 X 

A compact ride for a city-sized life, the BMW C 400 X mid-size scooter can navigate urban traffic and keep you connected to the world while it does it, with effortless smartphone-enabled technology. 


Finally a scooter that moves as you do. The new C 400 X has slim lines and trimmed-back components to allow it to fit through narrow spaces without stress. It has all the accessories for elegant urban driving, including a distinctive asymmetric front light and deceptively expansive storage.

BMW C 400 X Side View
BMW C 400 X Mirrors


The scooter’s one-cylinder combustion engine has 34hp at 7,500rpm and maximum torque of 35Nm at 6,000rpm. Its acceleration and speeds have been designed for the changing realities of urban driving, and emphasise swift reaction, high adaptability and vibration-free riding.


Stay connected to your contacts list through multi-controllers and the BMW C 400 X’s 6.5in TFT display mount, an innovation that keeps your music library, calls and navigation on tap whenever you need them. With standard ABS and automatic stability control, an integrated smartphone charging component and optional Keyless Ride, the C 400 X is a thoroughly modern ride. 

BMW C 400 X Front View
BMW C 400 X Control

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Technology 6.5 Inch Colour Display
Lights LED headlight
exhaust system Stainless steel