BMW R nineT Racer

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BMW R nineT Racer Introducing the BMW R nineT Racer

BMW R nineT Racer 

Authentic to its core, the BMW R nineT Racer is a superbike without compromise or time to waste. Swing over its low-riding body and feel the essence of pure racing.


The distinctive half fairing on the front end of the R nineT Racer is just the beginning. A horizontal riding position, classic racing stripe finishes and low, front-positioned handlebars give it the lean, predatory silhouette of a beast on the prowl. Its highly customisable body allows you complete control of your ride. 

​BMW R nineT Racer Front View
​BMW R nineT Racer Rear View


Let the roar of the air-cooled, twin-cylinder Boxer engine transport you to the golden years of motorcycles — with the added twist of modern acceleration and dynamic handling. With 110hp under you, maximum torque of 116Nm at 6,000 rpm and a two-in-one exhaust, anything is possible. Lean forward and feel the power. 


The new R nineT Racer handles impeccably, with technology on board to make sure the ride’s as smooth as it is thrilling. BMW ABS ensures high brake responsiveness, while optional automatic stability control can keep you perfectly angled even on those heart-racing turns.

​BMW R nineT Racer Speedometer
​BMW R nineT Racer Engine

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Capacity 1,170 CC
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS
Special Features Foot pegs