BMW C evolution

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BMW C evolution Introducing the BMW C evolution

BMW C evolution 

The future is here. The new BMW C evolution is the next stage in motorcycle development: an electro maxi scooter that can handle urban life as easily as you do.


Classic looks and racing inspiration drive the design of the new C evolution, complete with split face, powertrain swinging arm and a sport-inspired windshield. While it houses a groundbreaking fully-electric motor, its genes are firmly pure GS.

BMW C Revolution Profile
BMW C Revolution Side View


The electric drive of the C evolution will transform the way you ride. The three modules, each with twelve lithium-ion battery cells, can take you 160km between charges, and acceleration from 0 to 50km/h takes a mere 2.8 seconds. With 48PS and maximum torque of 72Nm without any delay, the BMW C evolution is a sophisticated city machine.


The innovative motor is accompanied by four riding modes, Road, Eco Pro, Dynamic and Sail, each exquisitely adapted to the different needs of the road. Enjoy Torque Assist Control, the Automatic Braking System, reverse gear assist and an on-board computer displaying all the data you need on a TFT colour screen.

BMW C Revolution Black
BMW C Revolution ABS

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