BMW C 650 GT

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BMW C 650 GT Introducing the BMW C 650 GT

​BMW C 650 GT 

At the top of its class, the BMW C 650 GT is an exclusive maxi scooter for discerning urban riders. Comfort, dynamic power and elegant accessories make it an unforgettable ride.


The split face of the C 650 GT and its well-built body give it a memorable silhouette, while design features like higher mirrors, LED rear lights and a comfort-designed seat create smooth, effortless riding. Custom paint finishes include Ocean Blue Metallic Matt, Black Storm Metallic and Sparkling Storm Metallic to adapt it to your style, while the expansive storage compartment ensures that your luggage travels with you.

BMW C 650 GT Side View
BMW C 650 GT Profile


A four-stroke twin-cylinder engine with 60hp guarantees that you’ll always have the power you need, while the stainless steel exhaust system combines style and substance. A reworked clutch system means that you have high acceleration from standstill.


Enjoy the best accessories of the urban class with the new C 650 GT’s standard automatic braking system and stability control, an enhanced shock absorber setting, and automatic day riding lights. The LCD display is dynamic and highly visible, while optional Side View Assist lets you see vehicles in your blind spot.

BMW C 650 GT Profile View
BMW C 650 GT Controls

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Maximum speed 180 km/h
Fuel type Unleaded super 95 (RON)
Feature 3 Gearbox CVT Gearbox