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Renault Clio



The New Renault Clio has been a huge hit with Irish motorists since its arrival in Janurary 2013.With prices starting from €14,990 this excludes Metallic Paint €600 and a delivery charge of €700.The launch colour in Clio was Flame Red and this has been the most popular colour so far it is the only colour exclusive to Clio.There are three specification levels on the New Clio Expression,Dynamique and R Link which I will list below.The Dynamique has accounted for 65% of sales as people have felt they are getting alot extra for the €1,300 price difference with the main elements being Touch Screen Multimedia Tablet that has Satelite Navigation,control the bluetooth and if you have a smartphone you can play your music from this over the speaker system.

Dynamic Design

The New Clio was inspired by the concept car DeZir which was unveiled in October 2010 at the Motor Show. The New Clio retains the style & emotion. With such a curvacious design, it reflects the concept car.

Regarded as a sculpture, the New Clio is an object of desire & sensuality. No dominant or aggressive angles, only curves which create desire. The New Clio has sensual curves, an expressive front grille and  a dynamic design.


MULTIMEDIA FOR ALL                 

In terms of innovation, the New Renault Clio is highly innovative by offering two new multimedia systems onboard: MEDIA NAV and Renault R-Link.

 The digital tablet, Renault R-Link offers easy access to the innovative features and practices : Tom Tom LIVE* Navigation, multimedia, telephone Bluetooth, vehicle information, as well as the downloadable application catalogue via R-Link Store. With Renault R-Link, the marriage between the automobile and the digital is unique. 



The New Clio is designed for driving pleasure. With the innovative engine range, dynamic chassis and efficiency, the New Clio is vivid, reactive, accurate and enjoyable to drive. The engine range satisfies all the needs of our customers and their fuel budget with CO2 emission at the forefront. From only 83g of CO2/km 3,2L/100km of consumption and approved emission, due to the brand new Energy dCi 90 Stop & Start engine, the new Clio has the lowest CO2 emissions in it's segment.


The New Clio proposes a coherent set of solutions to help the driver to lower the consumption of fuel and CO2 emission : DRIVING ECO2 = ECOlogy + ECOnomy.

A double objective : provide the customer with information on reducing fuel consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2.