Where to service your Renault vehicle in Ireland?

Where to service your Renault vehicle in Ireland

Everyone knows service and maintenance are an essential part for any vehicle. Finding the proper place to have your Renault serviced couldn’t get any easier with your local Renault service centre, located at Kearys Motor Group. At Kearys Motor Group we have expert technicians to properly care for your vehicle, while keeping it running just the way it was designed for.

You’ll find at Kearys Motor Group service centre our professional staff removes the mystery of caring for your vehicle. Not only do we know and strictly follow all manufacturer recommendations, we know every system in your vehicle thoroughly. No matter what problem you might be facing, we have a solution. Book a service appointment on our website now.

Regular Maintenance

At Kearys Motor Group we’ll provide excellent care for your vehicle. Even if everything seems to be functioning properly, vehicles need to be maintained to continue running well. By trusting us with the maintenance of your Renault, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits.

We comply to the maintenance programme of your vehicle, found in the user manual. Other businesses might not know or follow these recommendations from Renault, but we absolutely do. This helps to avoid future problems, saving you the frustration and expense of problems further on. Regular scheduled maintenance also helps extend the life span of your Renault.

Through regular maintenance, different parts of your Renault continue to work as you need. For example, properly maintained tyres provide superior grip and handling on the road, plus have a positive impact on fuel efficiency and safety. Replacing timing belts guards against unnecessary breakdowns and possibly expensive repairs.

When we perform maintenance on your Renault, we always include an inspection of mechanical and electronic components. If anything isn’t operating properly, this allows you to have the problem corrected before it becomes more complex and expensive.

In addition, we provide free fluid top-offs. This is just another way we strive to ensure your vehicle keeps running properly, and that you’re satisified with the service.

Original Parts

Unlike some service centres, the one at Kearys Motor Group always uses genuine Renault car parts. You don’t need to wonder what kind of components are being installed in your vehicle and how they will impact performance.

Original equipment parts are the same as what your Renault had when it emerged from the factory. Each one meets the precise specifications of Renault. They fit in your car exactly and don’t come with any surprises.

Renault has dedicated considerable resources to ensuring parts endure regular use. Lower quality parts used at other repair centres can lead to dangerous or harmful conditions.


The mandatory National Car Test causes plenty of anxiety for car owners. After all, about half of vehicles inspected for the National Car test fail. Instead of worrying if your vehicle will pass, bring it to us.

Our car experts will inspect your Renault and correct any problems, so it will pass. We inspect 118 points, covering all 61 aspects of vehicle operation the National Car Test covers.

Visit the service centre at Kearys Motor Group today.