When Should I Get My Car Serviced?

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If you're unsure about when you should get your car service done, the good news is you can’t do any harm by getting it serviced more often than it needs. That would mean spending more money on car maintenance than you have to though, so let's take a closer look at car servicing so you know when and why you should get it done.


Full service

The vast majority of serious car maintenance is done as part of a regular full service, which is usually deemed necessary by vehicle manufacturers these days as being due every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes around first. But some service intervals can be longer, and there are other types of service to be aware of too.

Initial service

It used to be the case that a brand new vehicle used to need an initial service after around 1,500 miles as the oil and filter would need changing after the vehicle had been "running-in." Today's engines are now run-in before the vehicles are shipped to dealers from the factory, so, unless you have a very high-performance vehicle where the manufacturer insists it's required, this is now largely a thing of the past.

Interim services

However, interim services can be carried out in between major services, so these are usually after six months or 6,000 miles. They cost less than a major service, and they are a good way of really making sure your car is very well looked after.

Oil changes

If you do a lot of driving or you drive your car particularly hard, extra oil changes might need to be carried out in between full services. You owner's manual will tell you about when you might need to have additional oil changes done, so make sure you're aware as running with dirty oil can lead to much more expensive problems further down the line.

Winter service

As winter approaches, it's not unusual to see service centres offering free winter check-ups, but these are not necessarily the same as a winter service. A winter check is an opportunity for a garage to look for work that might need doing, but a winter service is where specific things are done to ensure your car is in proper shape to cope with the cold weather that's on its way. A winter service will include an oil change, but it will also check your engine coolant to make sure there's the right amount of antifreeze in the water. Other items the mechanics will check include: the battery, starter motor and charging system, ancillary drive belts, lights, wiper blades, windscreen washers and the state of your tyres.

As well as keeping your car in the best possible shape so it performs the way it's supposed to and to keep you and your passengers safe, getting your car serviced regularly can also maximize the potential resale value of your car too. A vehicle with a full service history, especially one with additional stamps for winter or interim services, will also command a higher resale price than one that might have the odd stamp missing.

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