Renault ZOE wins Carwow Eco Award

Renault ZOE

Everyone at Kearys Motor Group feels excited at the news that the Renault ZOE won the Carwow Eco Award. For an electric car to capture this honor is quite the accomplishment and is certainly worth celebrating. Of course, once you get to know this small car, it’s evident why it has won over and will continue to win over all kinds of people.

If you haven’t seen the Renault ZOE, now is the time to visit Kearys Motor Group. We would be happy to show off the car and explain exactly what makes it compelling.

The Award

At a presentation at The Shard, which is located in Southwark, London, the Renault ZOE was honored with the Carwow Car of the Year Eco Award. This distinction has been set aside for cars which are particularly helpful to the environment, promoting fewer emissions in the country.

To win this award, the Renault ZOE beat out other tough competitors. It’s a testament to the quality and value of the electric car.

The Car

There’s plenty to love about the Renault ZOE, which is why it’s easy to understand why it captured this distinction. Instead of just offering the right features for a few aspects of what make a great car, the Renault ZOE provides an all-around excellent transportation solution.

For those looking to get a Renault ZOE, there are two choices of motors and two trims, making the selection process rather simple. The first motor is the R110, which surpasses the motor it replaced in power and matches it for driving range. The result is a 50 to 75 mph acceleration time which is two seconds quicker. Real-world driving range with this motor is 186 miles, making it quite practical.

The second motor, called the Q90, allows for rapid charging. When you plug the car into a 43kW connection, the battery can go from 0 to 80 percent charge in just an hour’s time. Thanks to this more convenient charging method, the Q90 lends itself better for longer drives.

Two trims, called the Dynamique Nav and Signature Nav, can both be paired with either of the engines. When you get the Renault ZOE Dynamique Nav trim, rear parking sensors, cruise control, plus a 7-inch R-Link infotainment centre are all part of the standard equipment. Android Auto works with the R-Link infotainment system, making it quick and convenient to link a smartphone. That then allows you to access phone features through the car’s touchscreen.

You get even more with the Renault ZOE Signature Nav. Premium leather upholstery and front seat heaters boost comfort. A rear parking camera, electrically-folding door mirrors, plus a Bose sound system further enhance your enjoyment and safety.

One thing which often stops car shoppers from selecting the Renault ZOE is the fact they don’t have a dedicated way to charge the car at their home. Fortunately, Renault thought of this factor, which is why retail customers who get the ZOE also receive a wall box charger installed at their home, so they can keep the battery fully replenished as needed.

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Learn from the automotive experts at Kearys Motor Group why the Renault ZOE was able to capture the prestigious Carwow Car of the Year Eco Award.


Renault ZOE