Is Nissan Juke a good car?

Nissan Juke

Occasionally, people ask if the Nissan Juke is a good car. If you’re looking for a compact crossover with style, capability and value – then yes, the Juke is great. Should you prefer an overpriced, oversized fuel hog, you may want to look elsewhere.

What makes the Nissan Juke a good car

The Nissan Juke is wildly popular – and throngs of consumers can’t be wrong. The little crossover packs everything you need, at a price you can afford.


For 2018, the Juke gets an enhanced exterior with a revised front grille, headlights and foglamps. It gets new wheels, too, that can be personalized with colour inserts. All this flair is added to the already snazzy Juke, with its modern body lines and boomerang-style headlights.

To make the Juke your own, simply visit the Nissan Design Studio. Here you can customize the interior and exterior with various colours, accessories and more.


Not only is the interior eye-catching, it’s also functional. Amidst the aesthetically pleasing deep bucket seats and motorbike-style gauges, you’ll find a large, useful boot space. Should you need to haul an even greater payload, the rear seats fold, creating a nearly flat load deck.

To make the Juke your own, simply visit the Nissan Design Studio. Here you can customize the interior and exterior with various colours, accessories and more.


The Nissan Juke was built for driving. It’s offered with a range of powerful and efficient engine options, including the top-of-the-line DIG-T 190 petrol unit. This turbocharged masterpiece puts the Juke through its paces with an abundance of horsepower and torque. Other available engines include the DIG-T 115 petrol and dCi 110 diesel. Each option uses advanced technology to deliver unparalleled efficiency and performance.

Many drivetrain choices are offered on the Juke. Front-wheel drive comes standard, but when the going gets tough, the Juke comes through with optional four-wheel drive. There’s also a choice of either a 6-speed manual, or continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Finally, there’s the Nissan Dynamic Control System, which lets you adjust engine and steering response with a push of a button.


Unlike most crossovers in its Price range, the Juke offers amenities such as heated leather seats and advanced climate control. Push button start and handsfree keyless entry add to the lux. You can truly pamper yourself inside the Nissan Juke


We live in the digital age, so technology is often high on the list for those buying a car. The treasure-trove of advanced gadgetry offered on the Nissan Juke doesn’t disappoint. To start, there’s the NissanConnect infotainment system – your mobile technology hub.

Other highlights include a 360-degree camera, for a birds-eye view of your surrounds, and the Nissan Safety Shield suite. The latter includes advanced functions such as lane departure warning, mobile object detection and blind spot warning. Everything you need to drive with confidence.

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