BMW X1 vs first-ever BMW X2

BMW X1 vs first-ever BMW X2

Now that BMW has filled in all the numerical gaps in its range between the X1 and X6 BMW SUVs, you could be forgiven for wondering what the differences actually are between some of them. As the BMW X2 has now completed the lineup for the time being, here we're going to look at how it differs from the existing BMW X1 that's already proved its popularity with buyers all around the globe.

The obvious

The most basic and most obvious difference between the two is the shape of the body. The easy way to explain it is to consider some other more familiar models in the BMW portfolio, such as the 3 and 4 series and the X5 and X6. In the same way the 4 series is basically a coupe version of the 3 series saloon and the X6 is a coupe-like take on the X5, the X2 is the sportier, more coupe-like version of the X1. But in a similar way to how the 4 Series is now diverging from the 3 Series more than it did when the two cars got their own separate designations, there's a little more separating the X1 and X2 than just the rear roofline.

The not so obvious

With the X2 being a higher number in the range than the X1 it would be easy to assume the X2 might be a little bigger, or at least longer. In fact, they both have an identical 2,670 mm wheelbase, but the X2 is actually 79 mm shorter overall due to having shorter overhangs. While there's no difference in width between the two, the X1 is actually quite a bit higher standing 86 mm taller than the X2. On the inside this inevitably leads to more headroom for passengers, but any other differences in interior dimensions are so small they’re really insignificant. But by every measure with seats up or down, the X1 offers more cargo carrying capacity.

When it comes to configurations there's an almost bewildering array of trims, engines and gear boxes to choose between, but pretty much what you can have in one is mirrored in the other. Both are offered with the same diesel and petrol engines and both can be two or all-wheel drive.


If you are in the situation of having to choose between a BMW X1 and a BMW X2 there are really only a few things to consider. The first is whether to go with the extra headroom and cargo capacity of the X1 or the more stylish and sporty styling of the new X2. That in itself shouldn’t be too much of a difficult decision for most buyers, but it does get more difficult when it comes to what is perhaps the biggest difference between the two; namely, the price. At the moment the BMW Ireland website is quoting a starting price for the X1 of €32,900, but the starting price for the X2 is considerably higher at €39,230. So, the choice is yours! It’s only fair to say, there’s already lots of interest in the X2 - it's a price plenty of buyers are going to be happy to pay for a sporty BMW to go around town in.

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BMW X1 vs first-ever BMW X2