2018 Renault Kangoo Van Features and Specifications

2018 Renault Kangoo

Need a van that works as hard as you do? The 2018 Renault Kangoo is the efficient, smart, and versatile van that’s perfect for either passengers, cargo, or both. You’ll discover solutions for some of the most common transportation concerns in one van, the Renault Kangoo. And in Cork, Ireland, the 2018 Renault Kangoo is available at Kearys Motor Group.

Notable Features for the Renault Kangoo

Onboard Computer

Front and centre on the 2018 Renault Kangoo is a display mounted high on the dashboard. This onboard computer shows the whole picture for your van, from trip information and rear parking sensor details to the backup camera screen.

Rain and Light Sensor

Mounted on the windscreen, a rain sensor and a light sensor activate their respective systems automatically. Your Renault Kangoo’s headlights come on when the sunlight fades away and the windscreen wipers are triggered when rain hits the glass.

Swivelling Bulkhead

While hauling cargo, the passenger seat in the Kangoo van can be folded flat to add an extra .5 cubic metre of volume. The bulkhead is designed to pivot, creating a secure barrier for the driver, no matter what the payload is.

Do you need seating for passengers? Fold the bulkhead out and suddenly your van is equipped with a three-seat bench in the back. The safety screen tucks up overhead and behind the rear seat, simply out of the way.

Rear Roof Flap

Tall objects are no match for the 2018 Renault Kangoo. Have you ever seen a roof opening designed for tall objects to extend through? The Renault Kangoo has a rear roof flap that slides up and forward, giving a large opening for long or tall cargo.

R-LINK Multimedia System

The onboard multimedia system has all the features you need for a safe, connected, and entertaining drive. Place phone calls at the press of a button on your screen with Renault R-LINK or get real-time directions to your destination with TomTom connected navigation. Stay connected with pre-installed R-LINK apps including Email, Renault R-LINK Tweet, Weather, and Renault Assistance.

Hill Start Assist

Having trouble starting off from a stop when you’re on an incline? The 2018 Renault Kangoo van has available Hill Start Assist, holding your van in place momentarily until you apply power. It’s packaged with Electronic Stability Control and Grip xtend for the best in traction and control.

Airbags Galore

Safety is a priority with the Renault Kangoo. All Kangoo vans are equipped with a full complement of airbags in the cabin. You’ll find two frontal airbags, two side impact airbags, and two side curtain airbags covering the front and rear seating areas. You can feel safe and secure inside your Kangoo.

The Renault Kangoo van is an ideal all-in-one choice for drivers who need to carry both passengers and cargo. Find out more about the 2018 Renault Kangoo in Cork, Ireland at Kearys Motor Group today.

2018 Renault Kangoo